Ham Radio 360: EMCOMM-the Ham Radio HT Go Bag

Ham Radio 360: EMCOMM-the Ham Radio HT Go Bag

Merry Christmas!

As Mentioned: Pignology

George Z (KJ6VU) Invites you to visit the Bay-Net Yahoo Group and drops by this time to discuss EMCOMM/Go-Bags. We’ll start in on the ground floor with the HT Go-Bag.

The Ham Radio HT Go-Bag.

1. Radio Gear; Hams have lotsa stuff

2. Super Helpful Useful Stuff to have with you

The Bags:

Frisbee Golf anyone?

A Tackle Box!

Or a Mini-Deployment Bag

The Handi Talkie

Pick your Poison- HandiTalkie Webmall

Yes they are avail at MTCRadio.com

Drop In Dual Charger


Most Jedi like the Orange Para-cord

Roll-up J-pole by N9TAX

Roll-up J-pole by Ed Fong


Ext Speakers

Antenna Adapters

The Event/Companion Bag:

Not a complete list, more of a template.

Flashlight, Headlamps, Pocket Knives, Multi-Tools

First Aid, Rite in the Rain, Sharpies, etc….

First Aid!
Rite in the Rain

Don’t forget a Spare Charging Device for your cell!



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