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Ham Radio Network was created as a means to launch and maintain multiple communication platforms stemming from the undeniable success of HamRadio 360. Life intervened in 2018, but here in 2024 we're back to pick up from where we left off. The initial return to the sphere will be the 'Prep Comms Podcast'.  You can listen to all of the HRN shows here on our site or your favorite pod-player

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"We called it 'Edutainment' - the goal was to make learning fun"

Cale(b) Nelson - K4CDN

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Prep CommsMay 14, 202423:2353.5 MB

Weather Radios plus PEP and IPAWS

In this episode of Prep Comms, Caleb finishes up his thoughts on AM/FM Transistor Radios. He also touches on some info from FEMA regarding the PEP and IPAWS radio systems. From there the conversation...

Prep CommsMay 01, 2024x
20:4547.49 MB

AM/FM Transistor Radios

In this episode of the Prep Comms podcast, Caleb (K4CDN) discusses the absolute importance of the AM/FM Transistor Radio in your Preparedness Communications Plan. This often overlooked and underused ...

Prep CommsMay 01, 2024x
15:1034.69 MB


  Join Caleb (K4CDN) in this episode as he delves into the essential mind renewal required for anyone navigating the realms of preparedness, especially in the context of our program focusing on commu...

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The best thing to happen to 2024

Glad to hear Cale back on the air waves! He could be talking about Tupperware, and I’d still be here.

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Exceptional podcast

I just found this podcast (Feb 2021) and it is exceptional. I listened to 6 hours of it on the first day and learned tons. I wish Cale was still doing the podcast but I'll listen to them all and use them for reference. Best podcast ever.

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Great info

Just found it and am sad that Cale is no longer doing the podcast

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