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Ham Radio 360: ARES responds to the Joplin Tornado-a look back with AC0HA

In times of natural disasters, communication is crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of affected individuals. Amateur radio operators or "hams" play a vital role in disaster response, providi...

Ham Radio 360: Field Day-Solar, Battery & More

Field Day 2014! In Episode 2 of the Fo Time Podcast, sponsored by MTC Radio, Jeremy KF7IJZ joins us to discuss the upcoming Field Day, Solar/Battery Options for Ham Radio Operators, and more. Jeremy ...

Ham Radio 360: Man-Pack / Mil-Pack Rigs and Operations-a crash course

In this installment of our podcast, we explore the topic of Man Pack and Mil Pack Operations with Harlikwin, who shares his extensive knowledge on the subject. We delve into the various aspects of Man...