Ham Radio 360: Field Day-Solar, Battery & More

Ham Radio 360: Field Day-Solar, Battery & More

Field Day 2014!

In Episode 2 of the Fo Time Podcast, sponsored by MTC Radio, Jeremy KF7IJZ joins us to discuss the upcoming Field Day, Solar/Battery Options for Ham Radio Operators, and more. Jeremy is an active member of his local Amateur Radio Community and has a considerable online following due to his Solar/Battery product review videos and commentary.

Field Day

Field Day is an annual event held on the fourth full weekend of June, where Amateur Radio Operators across North America come together to practice their emergency communication skills. Field Day is an opportunity for ham radio operators to work with other operators and to test their equipment and operating skills in a simulated emergency environment. Jeremy and I discuss the upcoming Field Day and the different ways in which ham radio operators can participate.

Solar/Battery Options

Having a reliable power source is essential for Amateur Radio Operators, especially during emergencies when conventional power sources may be unavailable. Jeremy and I discuss different solar and battery options that ham radio operators can use to power their radios and other equipment. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different power sources and share our personal experiences with various options.

Why People Choose Amateur Radio

In addition to discussing Field Day and Solar/Battery Options, we also hear from two Amateur Radio Operators about why they became involved in the hobby. Amateur Radio is a diverse and vibrant community, and people come to the hobby for a variety of reasons. Some are drawn to the technical aspects of the hobby, while others are interested in the social and community-building aspects of the hobby.


The upcoming Field Day is a great opportunity for those interested in Amateur Radio to learn more about the hobby and get involved. Many local clubs provide a GOTA (Get On The Air) station for unlicensed individuals to operate with guidance and experience the “Magic of Radio.” In addition, having a reliable power source is crucial for Amateur Radio Operators, and there are various Solar/Battery options available to meet their needs. Whether you’re interested in the technical aspects of the hobby or the community-building aspects, Amateur Radio offers something for everyone.

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