Ham Radio 360: Millennial Falcons-KB1LQC & KB1LQD

Ham Radio 360: Millennial Falcons-KB1LQC & KB1LQD

As you might imagine Twin Brothers Bryce and Brent have a great deal in common. Both are Millennial Ham Radio Ops, Developers and Rocket Scientists just to name a few shared interest!

The Brothers Salmi drop in for a conversation about their vision for the future of the Ham Radio hobby. Raised as inventors and tinkerers these guys are poised to take that to an entirely different level with their educational development company, Faraday RF. But before we get into the ‘what’ we get into the ‘why’ as we look back to a childhood filled with promise, learning and dreaming to a present full of building, making, and doing!

If you’re searching for proof that your beloved hobby will outlast your days-give this show a listen to be challenged and encouraged for tomorrow!

Show Notes and Mentions

Faraday RF- Master Plan (Start Here!)

N0SSC – Blog Post: Millennials Are Killing Ham Radio

KC5ESS.us Resistor Value Color Codes

K2GXT – RIT Radio Club


RARA – Rochester Ham Radio Assn.

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