Prep CommsJuly 15, 2024x
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Spc Ed: Upcoming Comms Exercise

Special Edition Episode Attn: Shortwave Radio Listeners, Ham Radio Operators, Preparedness Enthusiasts Event: AMRRON T-REX Communications Exercise, July 19-21, 2024 Event Description: The annual nati...

Prep CommsJuly 09, 2024x
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Scanner Radios - Peak Listening

Listening to scanner radios is fascinating and engaging. Whether you’re new or experienced, the right police scanner can offer real-time info and fun. In this episode Caleb covers more of the need to...

Prep CommsJune 25, 2024x
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Scanner Radios for Preppers

Scanner Radios for Preppers In the world of prepping, information is power. One tool that can provide this crucial information is a scanner radio. Scanner radios allow preppers to stay updated on loca...

Prep CommsJune 11, 2024x
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Shortwave Radio pt2

In this episode, Caleb returns to chat Shortwave Radio with listener feedback. He reminds the listener of the power of SWL as well as the idea of external antennas for greater capacity. Additionally,...

Prep CommsMay 27, 2024x
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Shortwave Radio for Preppers

As we continue along our introductory jouneny we understand that in times of crisis, having reliable communication is paramount. For preppers, shortwave radio serves as a vital tool when traditional ...

Milam in the MiddleMay 25, 2024x
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Milam is back, again, to start, again.....

Prep CommsMay 14, 202423:2353.5 MB

Weather Radios plus PEP and IPAWS

In this episode of Prep Comms, Caleb (K4CDN) finishes up his thoughts on AM/FM Transistor Radios. He also touches on some info from FEMA regarding the PEP and IPAWS radio systems. From there the conv...

Prep CommsMay 01, 2024x
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AM/FM Transistor Radios

In this episode of the Prep Comms podcast, Caleb (K4CDN) discusses the absolute importance of the AM/FM Transistor Radio in your Preparedness Communications Plan. This often overlooked and underused ...

Prep CommsMay 01, 2024x
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  Join Caleb (K4CDN) in this episode as he delves into the essential mind renewal required for anyone navigating the realms of preparedness, especially in the context of our program focusing on commu...