Shortwave Radio pt2
Prep CommsJune 11, 2024x
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Shortwave Radio pt2

In this episode, Caleb returns to chat Shortwave Radio with listener feedback. He reminds the listener of the power of SWL as well as the idea of external antennas for greater capacity. Additionally, he touches on Ham Radio Transceivers and the Weather Radio shortage (gasp!).

Show Mentions:

Freq List: C. Crane SWL List

Shortwave Schedule: Up to the min freq listings Whats on the air, now

Video: Build An Antenna

Clip On Antenna

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Mentions: Active Antenna

Clip-on antenna

Aligator Clip Slinky Antenna

Indoor Coil Antenna


Not to get too far ahead of the show map, but there may be some of you looking for more to do with your new shortwave radio (ps we'll get there!). Give this AmRRON video a look:

Receiving Digital HF

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