Communications for the Prepared: e-book

Communication Solutions for the Prepared: a 360 degree look at prepper communications

New Book from K4CDN, Caleb Nelson author of Ham Radio Homeschool.

In any emergency situation, communication is vital for survival. Preppers must have access to reliable communication methods to stay connected with family, friends, and emergency services. This ebook provides a comprehensive guide to the various communication solutions that preppers can use to prepare for emergencies. From shortwave radios to mesh networking and everything in between, this book covers the equipment, modes, and techniques you need to know to communicate effectively in any crisis.

If you or someone you know is interested in Prepper Communications this is a great primer!

Available on Kindle

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Cale(b) is an author, speaker, longtime stay at home dad and small business owner. He and his wife of over 25 years, Carla, have 5 beautiful children and 2 Goldendoodles. Caleb is a FM Radio veteran and licensed Amateur Radio Operator (K4CDN). In the days before kids and radio, he spent nearly a decade in the Professional Fire Service as an Engineer and EMT. Caleb’s heart to serve and to teach shines in his work, whether on the page or over the air.